My name is Aaron Freeland and I am currently a Web Developer/Programmer at Memorial Health Systems.

I have done a lot of things but I am probably most well known for being a founding developer of nChannel Incorporated. I also teach Web Application development at West Virginia University at Parkersburg for quite a few years now and try to help empower students to jump start their career as developers.

Outside of software development I enjoy building things from woodworking to 3d printing. I find great satisfaction from taking an idea and seeing it become a reality whether it is software or something tangible.

My interest are vast and that is powered from my desire to learn as much as possible. I try not to shy away from new opportunities to learn new skillets and make good friends. I feel that learning really provides a good starting point for understanding how incredible this world is and all those who make amazing contributions to improve everything.

The biggest part of my life I saved for last as it is the most important and that is family. My family is incredible and is the driving force behind trying to be a better person everyday. I have a 6 year old son, that while I have to be a parent first, is honestly the best friend I could ever ask for. I cannot think of a day that goes by that he has brightened my life and made me a happier and more loving individual.