I recently decided to leave a company that I helped found back in 2011 named nChannel Incorporated. Leaving a company that you helped found and have invested so much life and energy into leaves you really reflecting on a huge array of both life and work experiences. When we started the company we were a team of 5 individuals: 3 developers, 2 co-owners and high hopes. Its hard to believe at the success that we have achieved despite the very discouraging statistics of startups that actually make it. This success happens to be one of my happiest achievements…and that is being able to create job opportunities for my community.

I was raised in Parkersburg WV, which as many will be surprised, has some of the most talented, hard working, sincere and brilliant talent I have been blessed with meeting. Despite having such an amazing workforce West Virginia can often lack in real opportunity. I was fortunate enough to become friends with a professor I had in college named Chris Brown and fellow student Josh Pepper, the three of us make up the founding developers of nChannel Incorporated. These two gentlemen would also over a number years turn into amazing friends and create friendships that will hopefully span a lifetime.

The company we helped build would go on to employ up to 50 employees at one point and secure contracts with large agencies that didn’t seem possible when we started the company. We put our nose to the grindstone for years and continued to develop software to help propel our company to success…but the time has come to close that chapter and start a new journey!

What would cause one to leave something that has been such a major component to ones life, its honestly quite simple…happiness. It really all boils down to a single day when a project that should of been such an exciting opportunity, felt more like a routine disappointment embroiled in conflict and chaos. At this point I knew that I had overstayed my welcome and if I wasn’t happy being part of such an opportunity I was really doing injustice to the project and most importantly to myself.

I decided to go into a different industry outside of multi-channel integration and pursue an opportunity to help a community hospital compete in the very large industry of health-care. I also decided to make another major change…which is how this post is coming to you…from a Macbook Pro o.O

Life always finds a way of working itself out and I cant help but feel its done it again. I look forward to sharing my new journey and continue to be blessed to live my life everyday in happiness surrounded by great people.