I have been an Adjunct teacher at West Virginia University at Parkersburg since August 2012 for Computer Science. Classes typically involve various aspects of web development from just starting out all the way to full fledge applications.

I try to bring real life experiences into the classroom to give a glimpse into what to expect in the workplace. I make sure my classes incorporate version control software such as GitHub to help promote good practices and team collaboration.

My classes are very hands on and put a large focus on actually writing code and building software. It is common practice to do weekly presentations where students will go through and demo their projects. This helps promote communication and often leads to peer discussion as other students become intrigued with how something was built or designed. I also believe it helps expose students to other ideas and approaches, along with a healthy level of competition.

Courses have included the following content:

  • Angular, React
  • NodeJS, Express
  • MongoDB, Redis
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Docker
  • C#